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 I utilize a variety of theoretical orientations in my practice including psychodynamic, developmental, cognitive, and problem solving methods.

In my therapeutic work with families and couples I generally explore familial patterns and include methods from psychodynamic, family systems, and contextual family therapies.  In my work with families in mediation I utilize cognitive and problem solving modalities.  Goals for therapy and mediation are always established through collaboration with the client(s) and should be congruent for all participants. 

The overall objective for therapy is always the successful resolution of the problems that are deemed the most important through the collaborative process which, ideally, results in individual and collective growth.  Techniques used in problem solving family mediation processes include structural/strategic approaches which assists couples and families in organizing their relationships so that all resources can be brought to bear on the problems being presented. Assisting them to define common goals, re-frame the problem, and explore a variety of options and behaviors for their future is also a commonly used technique.  

In marital therapy with couples or in family therapy, as differentiated from mediation, I often explore familial patterns transmitted through generations, and include object-relations and self psychology models to integrate individual psychodynamic concepts and family treatment.  Using this model, family boundaries, transference, counter-transference and resistances are important therapeutic concepts and tools. Insight into the family dynamics, as is insight into the psychodynamics of the individual, is an important catalyst for systemic change.

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